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Gregg London Feature Article for Retail Technology Innovation Hub:
“It’s too damn hard" is not an acceptable excuse: Content...or tags...or actual item data?"

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The U.P.C. is today's most widely recognized barcode. It can be seen in every facet of the Supply Chain - from Retailers to Wholesalers to Manufacturers to Distributors. And yet, it is the one component of a Supply Chain that is - sadly - considered LAST when planning, implementing, or executing systems.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that the GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council) system of U.P.C.'s is voluntary in nature (required ONLY by certain trading partners), and part of the problem exists because GS1 Standards are numerous and not well known.

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Invalid or incomplete U.P.C.'s (and EAN's) lead to inaccurate Product identification, incorrect Coupons, failure to meet current and future Compliance issues, and breakdowns in the Supply Chain.


My name is Gregg London. As an APICS CIRM and Supply Chain Systems Integrator, I provide the following Professional Services:<

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