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Do You Need a U.P.C.?

The situation...

You need a U.P.C.

Chances are, you came to this web page via a Search Engine or a Client Referral.

One solution...

Visit the GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Code Council) Home Page

To receive more information, or to apply for GS1 US Membership (the current minimum Membership Fee is $750), please click HERE.

Another solution...

If you find the GS1 US Membership Application "difficult", or just don't want to be bothered, contact me for assistance.

For a small fee, I will help you complete the GS1 US "on-line" membership application; or, if you prefer, complete the application for you.

Upon your receipt of the Company Prefix, I will create your U.P.C. Code(s), supply you with an Excel spreadsheet listing your U.P.C.'s, and provide you with Camera Ready artwork (paper or disk files).

My name is Gregg London, and I am a Barcode / Supply Chain Systems Integrator.

I can assist you with all manner of U.P.C. realated issues and questions.

If you have a Company Prefix, I can help you create the U.P.C. numbers.

If you need to convert the twelve digit U.P.C.-A to an eight digit U.P.C.-E, I can provide you with the formulas (and for the reverse calculation - U.PC.-E to U.P.C.-A).

If you need electronic images for internal Publishing / Labeling applications, or for your Graphic Artist and / or Printing Company, I can provide digital images in BMP, WMF, EMF, TIF, or EPS formats.

If you need Barcode Label printing, I can provide pre-printed peel-off labels.

If you need to create hundreds (maybe thousands) of U.P.C.'s, I can create an appropriate part number / SKU number sequence - and provide the result in Excel.

If you need assistance with 2005 Sunrise or GTIN compliance, I can help modify your U.P.C. databases.

Please call my office at 214-548-6960 for further details, or contact me via E-Mail.

Resource Material

Already have U.P.C's and need additional codes or images for new items? Contact me via E-Mail.

Don't need a U.P.C? But do need a list or database of all the Product Codes / Manufacturers? Click HERE.

Need a U.P.C, but reside in Canada? Contact GS1 Canada.

Are you publishing a Book? For information on the ISBN application process, contact R.H. Bowker LLC.

Are you publishing a Magazine? For information on the BIPAD application process, contact Harrington Associates.

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